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Fraser Coast Queensland to have an eco burial option from 2023 at the Nikenbah Natural Cemetery

25th November 2022 news item: Fraser Coast residents will now be able to opt for a natural burial at the new Nikenbah Natural Cemetery.

A natural burial is a funeral that seeks to make as little impact upon the environment as possible and to return a body to the earth in as natural a way as possible.

A natural burial must be prepared without chemical preservatives (that is, it must not be embalmed), and must be contained within a 100% biodegradable coffin, or shroud.

Coffins, caskets and fittings must be made of cardboard, wicker, seagrass, bamboo, sustainably grown, and untreated timber, or other materials that facilitate rapid biodegradability.

Shrouds must be made of natural fibres such as wool, silk, bamboo, hemp, linen or cotton.

Ashes must be contained in a 100% biodegradable container.

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