Happy Couple Testimonials

Since realising my dream of becoming a celebrant, I have had the privileged and honour of marrying many couples. Some eloped, some had large family weddings, and others married on the beach. It's been so much fun including children in the ceremonies, miniature ponies, horses and several dogs-of-honour! I thank you for your kind testimonials.  Lauretta  Wright, Wight Celebrations: Wright Where Love Is.

Personal Testimonials

Joyce Chorny.

Executive Manager Community & Culture: Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Graham Y.  

As a personal friend and professional colleague of Lauretta’s for many years (teaching at the same university), I have the highest regard for Lauretta's integrity and moral standards. Lauretta was highly respected by the students she lectured, as well as her colleagues. She is someone who can be trusted, and who will happily pass on the benefit of her own life skills and wisdom to anyone requesting advice or guidance. Devoting a significant amount of her free-time to a wide range of community organisations, Lauretta is someone who will honour any commitment she has made.

The applicant’s personal integrity and ethical standards.

A personal tribute, from Lauretta Wright, Wright Celebrations.

Professional colleague.

Lauretta Wright of Wright Celebrations works with a team.jpg

My heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude goes out to my family and friends who have supported me throughout the completion of the Cert IV Celebrancy assessment. Together we practiced, then videoed, a mock couple’s interview, marriage rehearsal, marriage ceremony, certificate signing and a mock naming ceremony! My amazing husband of 25 years performed a key role-play in each ceremony … I guess he is like me: keen to be Wright Where Love Is!

Penny R.

Lauretta is always impeccably dressed, and has a very happy disposition. She has a very calm welcoming approach which puts everyone she speaks to at ease. Lauretta also has the ability to build rapport quickly when meeting someone and it is very obvious that she has very effective listening skills and a genuine interest in other people's stories and is willing to clarify what a person means if she is uncertain. Lauretta's attention to detail in all that she does ensures that tasks are completed timely and of the highest standard.

Any other qualities or attributes that the applicant has that would support their application for registration as a marriage celebrant?


Lauretta has been married to her partner Don since we first met, in 2002. They have a loving and generous relationship, founded in mutual respect and appreciation. They have proven to be wonderful role models for their daughters, with all three of them happily married to young men who support them in all of their endeavours. Certainly, Lauretta is committed to the institution of marriage. When we have spoken of this matter in past years, she has always highlighted that marriage is an equal and loving partnership through which people may share happiness, support one another in sorrow and, if they choose to, raise happy and confident children.

The applicant’s commitment to the central importance of the institution of marriage in society.

Collage compiled by SiS; photo credits include: Leanne Kalwig of Hervey Bay Photography, Hans Schmidt of HS Photos, and Lauretta Wright (SiS).