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Marriage Ceremonies

I like pricing to be clear, straight-forward and simple. Choose from one of three set-priced packages or a fully
customised ceremony with add-onsContact me
for a relaxed, no obligation and fee-free first meeting to discuss
your price, date and ceremony.

authorised celebrant and registry-style marriage

Essentials Package

ESSENTIALS PACKAGE: The Essentials is the ‘legal paperwork only’ marriage ceremony. A registry-style marriage ceremony with five people are involved: you and your partner, me (your Celebrant), and two witnesses.  It is so straightforward, that I can even supply the two witnesses! 


The process is as uncomplicated as the ceremony:
1) complete the Notice of Intended Marriage one month prior,
2) on the day, I say the Monitum, and you both say the legal vows, then... 

3) sign three times to complete the paperwork. I hand you your Certificate and you are legally married. 

get married during the week and go fishing on the weekend Fraser Island celebrant Lauretta Wright

Distinctive Package

DISTINCTIVE PACKAGE: As the creator of Wright Celebrations, I work "Wright Where Love Is" for marriage ceremonies.  I like the process and pricing to be clear, straight-forward and simple. The Distinctive marriage ceremony includes the Essentials package plus more!


Keen to marry mid-week because you plan to go fishing on the weekend? Then the Distinctive package is for you. Together we will co-create your ceremony with a sense of fun and yet, it will be respectful; a script that honours your heritage - and lived-experiences -  so that it is as distinctive and unique as you and your partner are, complete with a playlist of your favourite songs for the pre and post ceremony mingling.  

beautiful bride on horseback accompaied by father

Divine Package

DIVINE PACKAGE: In the future, when people talk about your marriage ceremony, they might not recall the weather, but they will remember how they felt on that day.  That day will be the occasion when all your favourite people come together at the same time and in the same place to celebrate your union as a couple. The combination of your experiences, beliefs, hobbies, personalities and your sense of humour makes up a unique and personal story. I want to help you share your love story.


The Divine package is the Distinctive package held on the weekend day (Saturday or Sunday). It includes the creation of your unique script, pre, during and post ceremony playlists, and can include a candle lighting ceremony, create your bouquet ceremony and even a family sand pouring ceremony. 


We can rehearse it all before the big ceremony so everyone can enjoy the day knowing where to stand, sit, sign and kiss (if you choose to do so!).

Designer Package 


DESIGNER PACKAGE: Two words: carte blanche! To borrow words from Richard Wagamese’s Embers, I proposed that in the creation of your ceremony’s Designer storyboard that we embrace our inner uniqueness! 


Let’s be eccentric, different, wildly imaginative, creative, daring and inventive with the plans for the big day. We can meet at sunrise or sunset. We can chant, meditate or sing!  Let’s bring our full selves into this process and add our clunky, chunky and funky bits to the swirl and swagger and charming churn of the ceremony design. Above all else, let us be authentic. 


Keen to include your fur-family, your feathered or finned friend?  Let’s talk about it and how we can make this happen at your venue of choice in the time frame allocated for the marriage ceremony. 


The Designer package is the Divine “plus” the extra extras like being held on a Public Holiday. More than just travel outside of the Fraser Coast area, this package is so accommodating. Let’s talk about your wish list for a wondrous day! 

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