Cermemony Pricing Overview

authorised marriage celebrant Lauretta Wright


Four Packages

  • Essentials

  • Distinctive

  • Divine

  • Designer

Vow Renewal

Renew Your Vows

  • renew on a special date

  • renew every year!

  • renew because you're still in love

  • renew just because ...

naming ceremonies are for babies, some one changing their first or family name, and for those joinging your family group


First and/or Family Name

  • personalised

  • memorable

  • respects culture

  • honours tradition


Together 4ever

  • commit to each other

  • commit to your relationship

  • commit to stay together

  • commit to forever

Full payment upon booking will attract a 5% saving on your package’s full price. 

Should extra services be included after payment is provided, these must be negotiated and formally agreed in writing by all parties.The booking fee and ceremony payments can be made via Direct Debit, or cash. Itemised receipts always supplied.