Naming Ceremonies

baby girl's birth identification beads



NAMING CEREMONY: Naming ceremonies are appropriate for anyone at any age and not the sole domain of babies. The arrival of a baby IS a great reason to host a naming ceremony. Equally though, is an adult name change, or the uniting of adopted children into your family. Many wondrous possibilities are available to mark life’s changes when one chooses to do so.


Naming ceremonies are an occasion to celebrate the beautiful union between family and life. The ceremony is personal, and it announces to all present the welcome into your family. Together we will craft the ceremony script, telling the story of the person being named, and their special role within your family. 


Hopes and dreams will be shared, as well as the significance of their name and why it was chosen. Readings and music can be included in the service too. The music can be sung, played live, or be played in the background. 

A tree planting can be included, a sand ceremony, the lighting candles and/or the creations and burying of a time capsule.

There are no legal requirements or restrictions covering a naming ceremony.