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Paperwork: Pre & Post Marriage Ceremony “Paperwork”

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

What do you need to know about getting married in Australia? In a 1-minute read, find your answer here on my earlier blog post.

What paperwork needs to be completed to be legally married in Australia? 2-minute read to follow … with relevant links ...

1 – 18 months before your marriage ceremony

Notice of Intended Marriage: Organise with your Authorised Marriage Celebrant (like me, Lauretta Wright) to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form (NOIM) at least one month and not more than 18 months before your planned marriage ceremony.

Then, on your wedding day, you and your partner, together with 2 witnesses - and the Celebrant - sign 3 certificates, as follows …

5 people, 3 signatures each =15 signatures in all
  1. Declaration of No Legal Impediment: This signed declaration should occur as close as possible to the marriage ceremony itself (often at the rehearsal). It has a flip-side too in the Official Registration Certificate of Marriage. This one-pager, back and front, is sent to the relevant State Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) for registration purposes.

  2. The (2nd) Registration Certificate of Marriage: is retained by the Celebrant for their record keeping.

  3. The Certificate of Marriage (Form 15); AKA the Ceremonial Certificate: The Marriage Act requires that Form 15 – the Certificate of Marriage – be in hard-copy and is handed by the celebrant to the couple on their wedding day. Note: this is a Ceremonial Marriage Certificate only - it is not official - and thus cannot be used for official purposes such as: proof of change of name through marriage.

Did you know that in Queensland, all this “paperwork” can be completed in an electronic format? and submitted online to BDM? Yes! An environmentally-kind business practice. Apart from Form 15, all can be managed in a digital format.
Lauretta Wright, authorised Marriage Celebrant with AFCC living in Hervey Bay, Queensland
Lauretta Wright, authorised Celebrant with AFCC

What happens next?

  • Within 14 days, the Celebrant submits your paperwork to the BDM so the marriage can be recorded and registered.

  • In Queensland, I notify the BDM of your interest in obtaining an official marriage certificate (to be used for official purposes like proof of name change through marriage) when I submit your paperwork digitally to the Qld BDM.

  • Next, the BDM contacts you direct when the marriage registration process is complete, and you will select your preferred type of certificate, and arrange payment for the delivery of your official marriage certificate.

Then, what? more notes about more ‘paperwork’ post-marriage ceremony is listed this Happily Ever … Before and After brochure about using your BDM-issued certificate ...

· Making/updating your will

· Citizenship

· Taxation

· Health and welfare

Questions? Let's connect via email at or mobile on 0438 199 984.

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