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Unique Ceremonies

your creatures great or small here with dog-of-honour Trix

Your creatures great or small

Your Creatures Great or Small.

Comedic actor, W C Fields, has often been credited with famously saying “never work with animals...”. I say that is horse apples!

Bring ‘Em on.


Be they winged, four pawed or hoofed, our creatures - great or small - are family and so occupy a unique spot in our hearts. Let’s let them join in the ceremony as attendants, as escorts, as greeters or photo features!

Bring ‘Em on.

medievil wedding

Create your storyboard

Your Storyboard IS your carte blanche!


To borrow words from Richard Wagamese’s Embers, I proposed that in the creation of your ceremony’s Storyboard that we can embrace our inner uniqueness!

Let’s be eccentric, different, wildly imaginative, creative, daring and inventive with the plans for the big day.

We can meet at sunrise or sunset. We can chant, meditate or sing!  Let’s bring our full selves into this process and add our clunky, chunky and funky bits to the swirl and swagger and charming churn of the ceremony design.

Above all else, let us be authentic. The combination of your experiences, beliefs, hobbies, personalities and your sense of humour, makes up a unique and personal story. I want to help you, share your love story.

Lauretta Wright, Celebrant says yes, everytime to include children

Yes to children

Yes to children!

I do say “yes” to including children in marriage ceremonies, every time. I LOVE involving young people in these celebrations! 


Be they an usher, a junior groomsman or bridesmaid, a ring bearer, a flower girl or bouquet holder; there are so many ways they can be included in the celebratory proceedings. They can escort the bride (or groom) to the ceremony site, they can read a poem, and so very much more.

I do, say, I do, to including children!

dance like no one is watching at Wright Celebrations

Silver wows


In the prime of your life?


Let’s plan a ceremony to have the time of your life! Commitment. Wedding. Vows Renewal. 


Grey hair can indicate biological age, and some see it as a glorious crown. I say: Silver’s splendid! Recent stats show that Australian couples are now tying the knot later in life, marrying for longer, and living longer than ever before.


I say: Carpe Diem! Why not seize the day, enjoy the here and now? YOLO! You only live once.

I say: let’s get you married, all you Silver Wows!

just add a sand ritual to Wright Celebrations

Just add sand

Just add a sand ceremony.

A sand ceremony joins lives together as one. A sand ceremony symbolises union, as unique and individual lives, blend together making one colourful and glorious keepsake.


Or just add … a funky stand-up signing table (aka an antique clothes ironing board!).


Or just add … a lucky horse shoe. Horseshoes are associates with good luck and fortune, bringing a wish for future prosperity to the marrying couple.


Or just add … a unity candle. A unity candle represents the joining of love, lives, and families. 

stand up signing table on Pelican Bank in the middle of the Great Sandy Straits

Quirky Wright stuff

May I marry you? Yes! I will!  


… and in words inspired by Dr Suess ...

I will marry you in a boat, and
work the ceremony to include your pet goat. 

I will marry you in your house,

working with children or your pet mouse. 

I will marry you in the rain, 

in a car, or on a train.

And in the dark, or in a tree (!)

getting married is so good, so good you see!

I will marry you here and there,

I will marry you anywhere!

I do so like being a marriage celebrant,

I'll even marry you in a tent!

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