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My story - Lauretta Wright, Wright Celebrations

Rain on my wedding day, a Celebrant’s qualifications story: I was required to host a simulated marriage ceremony in order to pass my course. A public address system was required and a minimum of 22 people to assist with the task which needed to be captured on video. On the day, it rained, the PA failed, and the young attendant cried. On the flip side: ten more than the number required showed up to help stage and manage the mock marriage ceremony, and there was so much laughter and fun! So rain on the wedding day, for me, it was such very good luck!

Your stories

Not into something old, new, borrowed or blue, or the sixpence in your shoe?  Nor are you a fan of breaking glass or ringing bells at a wedding? Would like to renew your wedding vows every year, year after year? Perhaps a naming ceremony is your family’s preference? Was your loved one’s final request for a wake rather than a funeral? If in answer, you aren’t sure, then let’s bust some myths, consider some alternative ideas, and then, create the Wright ceremony for you.

Let's create that Wright ceremony for you ...

"Wow! Is all I can say. From the moment of first contacting to post wedding contact, Lauretta has been nothing but amazing. Lauretta was not only fantastic with communication, she made our ideas work and made our day fun and about us!  The one moment that will stay with us, is Lauretta standing out with our guests. So as the ceremony was underway we could see the faces of our family and guests which was so lovely to see. Every step and process was stress free, Lauretta just made the whole experience memorable and we will forever be grateful for her. 100% recommend Lauretta! You will not be disappointed" - Newtons 2.4.22.

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best friends help with wedding ceremony
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