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Left at the altar; literally. Done. Ditched?

Once upon a time, there was a celebrant who poured her heart and soul into crafting the perfect ceremony for a couple so deeply in love. She spent hours getting to know the couple, learning about their quirks, their inside jokes, and the unique dynamics of their relationship. From heartfelt vows to personalised readings, every detail was meticulously planned to reflect the essence of their love story.

The big day arrived. The music swelled. The guests eagerly awaited the couple's grand entrance. There was a sudden hush in the air as they arrived. The grand ceremony so carefully planned began.

I was in my flow state.

celebrant is left at the alter
celebrant is left at the alter

Then the ceremony was over in a flash! Time flew as vows, rings and a kiss were exchanged. The paperwork was signed; they took their first steps as a married couple. 

They walked away from me then ... to begin their happily ever after together.

After all the effort put into crafting their perfect ceremony, I was left at the altar, quite literally. Done. 

T'is the life of a marriage celebrant! A role filled with such joy, laughter, and sometimes tears too. T'is an honour; t'is such a privilege.

Ditched? Nah, just job done! A ceremony so sweet, now complete. 

Looking to ditch your celebrant after your ceremony too? Then give me a call to chat about when and where! 0438 199 984

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