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obtaining an official marriage certificate

As an authorised marriage celebrant in Queensland, I lodge all documents electronically online.

"And, why is that important?" you might ask? Fast service is why, I say!

If you wish to order an Official Marriage Certificate, one straight forward way to do so, is for your celebrant to initiate the process online as they submit all the necessary paperwork when registering your marriage with the Queensland Department of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Couples use the Official Marriage Certificate for identification purposes and also for change of name through marriage as it is a recognised identity document.

Did I mention that the service is quick via the online portal? When the marriage is registered, and the couple has indicated that they would like an Official Marriage Certificate, they receive a sms as well as an email from the Department notifying them of the process to purchase and for their preferred postal service.

signing the commemorative marriage certificate (photo credit: Jessica Gunn Photographer)
signing the commemorative marriage certificate with Lauretta Wright, celebrant (photo credit: Jessica Gunn Photographer)

The ceremonial marriage certificate—that we sign during the marriage ceremony—is not official. It is however, evidence that you are married and hence that your legal status has changed. The ceremonial marriage certificate cannot replace the need to obtain an Official Marriage Certificate from the relevant Department of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for purposes, such as applying for an Australian passport, and in some States and Territories, a driver licence.

Changing your family/surname after you marry? Then check out these check lists out!

Have any questions? I'm happy to answer them: 0438199984,

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