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Marriage Ceremonies

As the creator of Wright Celebrations, I work "Wright Where Love Is" for marriage ceremonies. 


I like pricing to be clear, straightforward, and simple. Choose from one of four set-priced packages.  Contact me for a relaxed, no obligation and fee-free first meeting to discuss your date, the place and package of interest.

  • Essentials: legal paperwork only, any day other than a Public Holiday

  • Distinctive: midweek special Monday - Friday

  • Divine: weekend Saturday - Sunday

  • Designer: Public Holiday

ESSENTIALS PACKAGE: The Essentials is the Elopement Package, or in others words the ‘legal-paperwork-only’ marriage ceremony. It is like the registry-style marriage ceremony with these five key people involved: you and your partner, me (your Celebrant), and two witnesses.  It is so straightforward, that I can even supply the two witnesses! 


The process is as uncomplicated as the ceremony:

  1. complete the Notice of Intended Marriage one month prior, and before the ceremony, complete the No Legal Impediment to Marriage form,

  2. on the day, I say the Monitum, and you both say the legal vows, then... 

  3. on the day, sign three times to complete the paperwork. I hand you your Certificate and you are legally married. 

"Lauretta you were amazing in our 41-day planning of our elopement. Thank you for everything, you went above and beyond to guide us in our forever day!!" - Jo Wilson

DISTINCTIVE PACKAGE:  Keen to marry mid-week because you plan to go fishing on the weekend? Then the Distinctive Package is for you. Together we will co-create your ceremony with a sense of fun and yet, it will be respectful; a script that honours your heritage - and lived-experiences - so that it is as distinctive and unique as you and your partner are, complete with a playlist of your favourite songs for the pre, during and post ceremony mingling.  


Keen to include your fur-family, your feathered or finned friend?  Let’s talk about it and how we can make this happen at your venue of choice in the time frame allocated for the marriage ceremony. 

"Lauretta was so friendly, had great communication and really took on board what we wanted. She clearly has a great understanding of her role and was able to give us options to customise our ceremony perfectly. We have had great feedback from our guests also about how perfectly Lauretta conducted the ceremony. Her positive and groovy attitude set the scene perfectly. She has been terrific with the pre and post-wedding paperwork also. Lauretta is truly special and I will be recommending her to our friends for their weddings. 10/10 Lauretta!" - Sarah Rochford

DIVINE PACKAGE: The Divine Package is the Distinctive Package held on a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday). It includes the creation of your unique script, pre, during and post ceremony playlists, and -   just like the Distinctive Package - can include rituals such as a unity candle ceremony, creating your bouquet ceremony or even a family sand pouring ceremony. 

We can rehearse it all before the big ceremony so everyone can enjoy the day knowing where to stand, sit, sign and kiss (if you choose to do so!).

"Lauretta is the Wright celebrant for you! Well, she certainly was for us. Thank you so much for your incredible contribution to our special day. Our ceremony was so beautiful and filled with love - perfectly put together and tailored to be exactly as we wanted. Thank you for getting us married!!! For anyone looking for a flexible, caring and extremely professional celebrant, there is no better choice"  - Stephanie Nielsen


The Designer package is the Distinctive / Divine Package being held on a Public Holiday. And just like the Distinctive and Divine Packages, we’ll create a unique bespoke ceremony script, include pre, during and post ceremony music using my awesome professional PA system. And you can include rituals like a handfasting or ring warming, even jumping the broom!


In the future, when people talk about your marriage ceremony, they might not recall the weather, but they will remember how they felt on that day.  That day will be the occasion when all your favourite people come together at the same time and in the same place to celebrate your union as a couple. The combination of your experiences, beliefs, hobbies, personalities and your sense of humour makes up a unique and personal story. 

"Lauretta was an absolute dream to communicate with from the start to the wedding day. She was very thorough, helpful, and flexible with what we wanted - making our day truly ours. She made sure everything was organised, we knew what needed to be done and felt comfortable coming into a very nerve-racking day! We are very grateful to have had Lauretta officiate our marriage and share our special day." - Cheyanne Trevisan


I want to help you share your love story. Let’s talk about your wish list for a wondrous day! 

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