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Changing your family/surname after you marry? Then check out these check lists out!

Updated: Apr 23

Once your Authorised Celebrant registers your marriage with the State Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages - where you had your marriage ceremony - you will be able to apply for a standard marriage certificate. The standard marriage certificate is issued by the government and is different from the commemorative certificate that you, your witnesses and celebrant signed on your wedding day. Most organisations will only accept the BDM-issued standard certificate as evidence for the name change process.


First Check List - Prioritise

  • will

  • drivers license / passport

  • back accounts / credit and/or debit cards

  • employer

  • electoral role

  • Australian Tax Office / superannuation / accountant

  • business name registration / Australian Business Number

  • Centrelink


Second Check List - Kids, Cars and House

  • school / child-care providers

  • car rego / insurance / breakdown service / road toll account

  • mortgage provider/ landlord / agency

  • providers for utilities: electricity / gas / water / internet / pay TV / home phone / mobile

  • home insurance

  • council rates

  • online shopping accounts


Third Check List - Body, Mind and Soul

  • library membership

  • myGov / medicare / doctor / dentist / health care providers

  • insurance: life / health

  • gymnasium / sports club

  • social clubs / loyalty cards / store cards

  • voice mail


Fourth Check List - Cats, Dogs

dog holds the rings for the bride and groom, I love including pets in marriage ceremonies, Lauretta Wright, Celebrant
Trix, the dog-of-honour holds the rings for the bride and the groom
  • dog / cat registration

  • pet microchip details

  • veterinarian

Do you have any questions about the change name process? If so, please contact me via email at or via mobile phone (text or voice) on 0438 199 984.

Credit: The check lists above have been adapted from my national association of professional Celebrants in Australia resource. I am a proud member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants Inc (AFCC). am fully covered by AFCC’s professional indemnity and public liability insurance and am provided with a Copyright License for Celebrant Associations. I follow and respect its Code of Ethics

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