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Wedding rings: do I, when I do? or don't I?

Updated: Apr 23

Wedding rings are often spoken about as being a symbol of unity, a symbol of one unbroken circle of love. The circle, a symbol of the sun, of the moon, and of the universe. It is a symbol of wholeness, of perfection and of peace.

In some cultures wedding rings are worn on the right hand, in others the left. In some cultures the wedding band is worn closest to the heart with the engagement ring placed next to the wedding. And then others wear their rings in the order in which they were received: the engagement first (closest to the heart) and then the wedding band.

Left or ring. Engagement ring or wedding bands only. Or no rings at all! A couple make a contract of marriage when they say the legal marriage vows and not if you exchange rings. Rings or no rings, the choice is yours. love story.

In Australia, there is no legal requirement to give or receive wedding bands at your marriage ceremony.

So, wondering about rings and other things? Please do contact me, obligation-free to chat about your marriage ceremony, your hopes and dreams Lauretta Wright, Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

wedding bands and fish hooks, getting hooked on your wedding day
getting hooked and exchanging rings on your wedding day
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