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just elope, just the two of you with your dog, cat or horse as a witness

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

If dog-of-honour, Doug, could have been signed as a witness at his people's elopement, he would have! Doug is a very important part of his guy n gal's life and naturally was part of their wedding ceremony.

elopement with your dog-of-honour
dog-of-honour Bill

To be legally married in Australia, the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses need to sign three documents. I can bring my pens, stand-up signing table and two witnesses and meet you both - and your horse / cat / or dog-of-honour - and just elope!

I'd love to chat to you about your dreams for your wedding day. Please call 0438 199 984 or email at and visit my Facebook page and instagram

PS - I can even supply an extra special certificate so your witness can add their paw / hoof print. Now that's paw-some!

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