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My Wedding Wish gifting weddings to the terminally ill & Lauretta Wright, Celebrant

My Wedding Wish was registered as a National Charity in 2016, and it has been gifting weddings to the terminally ill around Australia since 2013. It was founded by Lynette Maguire, as a local project on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 2007, and now there are now chapters in every state and territory of Australia.

Do you know and love someone that is affected by terminal illness and getting married is very important to them? Are you a couple in this position? If so, please access the application form by clicking on this hyperlink or email Lynette at and we’ll email a form to you. If you’re not sure if you qualify after reading the criteria, please email Lynette at

It is an honoured to be accepted as a marriage celebrant supplier for My Wedding Wish that gifts weddings to the terminally ill says Lauretta Wright, Celebrant, of Wright Celebrations.

My Wedding Wish is open to couples wanting to be legally married (must meet the legal criteria), and have a gorgeous wedding day. If you are a couple that is affected by terminal illness, or know someone who is in this position, please do visit to find out how to become a Wish Recipient and apply for a gifted wedding.

More about Lauretta can be found via Wright Celebrations website. And she can be contacted via email too by clicking here :)

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