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Hervey Bay funeral celebrant, Lauretta on celebration of life ceremonies

Celebration of life ceremonies are a gift, a time to say farewell, and a time to remember our loved one at their funeral.

We live in a world that can sometimes seem confronting and confusing. Yet I see love and hope - rather than chaos - when we celebrate life’s passage with ritual. I see devotion at vow renewals; tenderness at namings; and such love at commitment and marriage ceremonies. I see respect at life celebrations, and an intimate, deep and adoring love when we are saying good-bye to loved ones. Recalling our memories is a legacy of the love we feel for those that have passed.

Memories are the legacy of love.

Finding the right words, right when they are needed can be hard. The most important words are those that are heartfelt (not necessarily fancy or even spelled correctly). All words that come from our hearts are beautiful.

I think that moments of shared sorrow, sadness and connection are some of the most important of life experiences. Celebrations of life are such occasions and our memories may be able to carry us through a sorrowful time. Memories are the legacy of love. May I help you recall and share these?

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