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hands-off, digital-on; marriage ceremonies modern style

Updated: Apr 23

Have you heard of the saying that suggests: "necessity is the mother of invention"? Whether it is invention or innovation, the only constant is change these days. So too with the wedding industry through 2020-2021! So much change! Digital documentation is all the go, and so is so much hand sanitizer! Now, we move to using QR codes for our marriage ceremony event ...

Wedding traditions and fashion come and go; yet getting married in Australia is really about your post-ceremony status of being legal-life-long-loves. Just like when we borrow, rent, hire or buy goods and services, it's not often the item in question, but about our wish fulfillment. We buy a drill, not because we want a drill, but because we want a hole!

You buy a Celebrant's service as a professional legal resource person for when your family and friends gather to celebrate your love and union via your marriage ceremony. And they complete all the paperwork!

Lauretta Wright, Celebrant practices a paperless business and is environmentally-friendly celebrant
paperless business practice for the environmentally-friendly celebrant, Lauretta Wright

Wright Celebrations works with digital documentation - and in response to the COVID-19 regulations - has a Risk Management Plan that includes the use of an event-specific QR code supported by a Queensland partnership called Safe Visit. #WeAreAllInThisTogether

Lauretta Wright, of Wright Celebrations, is environmentally-friendly, tech-savvy, and an organised professional with a sense of humor. Hands are off paperwork with digital documentation on!

Questions? Let's connect via email at or mobile on 0438 199 984 to chat about a fee-free first meeting to discuss your wedding-wish-fulfillment.


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