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Can your best friend or a family member conduct your marriage ceremony? no, and YES!

Can your best friend, or a family member, conduct your marriage ceremony? The answer is not too complex; it is 'no', and it is YES! The short answer is 'yes' that other people can be involved in your marriage ceremony, with the proviso of 'no'; for to be legally married, you must have an Authorised Celebrant conduct at least part of the marriage ceremony.

family friends make great MCs at your wedding reception
Master of Ceremonies, a family friend is a great MC for your wedding reception

I am registered by the Commonwealth under the Marriage Celebrants Programme to solemnise marriages in Australia; I perform civil marriage ceremonies. Authorised Celebrants use the Marriage Act 1961 in conjunction with Marriage Regulations 2017 as managed by the Australian Government Attorney-Generals's Department to marriage couples.

I fulfil my duty as an Authorised Celebrant by preparing all the required pre and post ceremony legal paperwork. During the ceremony, by Law I must identify myself as an Authorised Celebrant to the guests gathered to witness your marriage. I make a statement about the Marriage Act and also ensure that your vows meet the legal requirements as noted in the Marriage Act 1961 / Marriage Regulations 2017.

So, YES together we can plan a ceremony run sheet where the Celebrant fulfils the legal requirements and the family/friend contributes too. I would be present and able to step in and assist to maintain the legality of the marriage ceremony. Let's co-create your ceremony with a sense of fun and yet, a respectful script that honours your heritage - and lived-experiences - so that it is as distinctive and unique as you and your partner are.

So in the future, when people talk about your marriage ceremony, they might not recall the weather, but they will remember how they felt on that day. That day ... the day when all your favourite people come together at the same time and in the same place to celebrate your union as a couple, and your best friend was directly involved in your marriage ceremony. Let's chat about how I can assist to get you and your partner legally married in Austalia!


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