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build your bouquet during your procession

Not a budget decision, but an affair of the heart! The bride's wedding bouquet ws built as she processed. As she passed family and friends each added their glower gift loaded with their love for the couple.

An amazingly loving and lovely bouquet building ritual. #doingitWright
building your wedding bouquet during your procession
Sisters In Sanity photo of a Fraser Coast beach wedding

Isn't the bouquet absolutely magnificent? All different types of flowers from natives to roses and lilies to daisies too! And it only took one song to assemble! All in attendance lined up and the groom could not see the bride until she turn passed the last person with the bouquet complete. He could hear all the joyful exclamations over the process and all the beautiful laughter too.

And a bonus the bride got a hug from nearly everyone as she processed down the line. So beautiful and loving.

Your story board of your wedding day is your carte blanche. Let's bring our full selves into the planning process and create a unique and deeply personal celebration on your wedding day.

I'd love to hear about your plans! Let's chat, ok? 0438199984, and via Wright Celebrations on Facebook and Instagram.

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