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Where & when can you can get married in Australia? any where! any time! is the answer.

Updated: Apr 23

A marriage occurring in Australia may be solemnised on any day, at any time, and at any place. `

Did you know that for a marriage to be valid under Australian law, it must be solemnised in Australia or within Australian territorial waters or airspace? This is because the Marriage Act 1961 does not extend to international waters or airspace.

Where and when can you get married in Australia? Any time within Australia territorial waters or airspace! Why not #destinationFraserCoast? Our beaches are beautiful all year around! Check them out:

wedding ceremonies at Fraser Coast beaches with Lauretta Wright, Celebrant
Fraser Coast beaches for weddings ceremonies

Given that you can get married any where any time, all that's left is to book your celebrant and create a ceremony that embraces your inner uniqueness!

We can meet at sunrise or sunset. We can create a ceremony with chants, meditation or songs! As Richard Wagamese writes in his book Embers, let’s bring our full selves into this process and add our clunky, chunky and funky bits to the swirl and swagger and charming churn of the ceremony design.

Yet, above all else, let us be authentic. The combination of your experiences, beliefs, hobbies, personalities and your sense of humour, makes up a unique and personal story. I want to help you, share your love story. Call me, Lauretta Wright, Celebrant, on 0438 199 984 or email me at

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