Unique Ceremonies

Designing your unique ceremony

I acknowledge and value our communities’ rich diversities, and pledge to co-create ceremonies that are respectful, that honour heritage and embrace lived-experience. #WrightCelebrations ceremonies are as distinctive and unique as you are. 

The Celebrant has been likened to an architect: working cooperatively with all while following a Code of Practice, to create a meaningful, memorable and personalised service. From finalising the pre-ceremony arrangements, to the on-site preparations, to any legal requirement within the ceremony.

As the creator of Wright Celebrations, I work #WrightWhereLoveIs for marriage ceremonies, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, naming ceremonies and celebration of life ceremonies.
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Naming ceremony

Naming ceremonies are appropriate for anyone at any age and not the sole domain of babies. The arrival of a baby IS a great reason to host a naming ceremony. Equally though, is an adult name change, or the uniting of adopted children into your family. Many wondrous possibilities are available to mark life’s changes when one chooses to do so.

Commitment, vows renewal and marriages
In the future, when people talk about your unique commitment, marriage ceremony or vows renewal, they might not recall the weather, but they will remember how they felt on that day. 

That day will be the occasion when all your favourite people come together at the same time and in the same place to celebrate your union as a couple. The combination of your experiences, beliefs, hobbies, personalities and your sense of humour makes up a unique and personal story. I want to help you share your love story.

Celebration of life ceremonies

As your Civil Celebrant, I can act as your professional resource person. At a time when your family and friends come together to pay respects to their departed loved one, may I offer my services in the design of a fitting funeral and celebration of life ceremony?

Your Storyboard

Together we can co-create a unique script and program that will make the ceremony more meaningful and memorable.
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Silver Wows

Your Creatures Great or Small

In the prime of your life? Let’s plan a ceremony to have the time of your life! Commitment. Wedding. Vows Renewal.
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Keen to include children, fur-family or a hired feathered or finned friend? Let’s talk about how we can have fun and make this happen.
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